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  • A Dry Gulch

    Winter                                  First Moon of the New Year

    I’m running through a dry spell here.  Might relate to my new work schedule since it involves a lot of writing.  Could be just a time when little of note (to me) is happening inside my head.  Don’t know.

    I did set aside two hours last night and edited, then organized photographs from Panama and Manta, Ecuador.  I plan to do the same tonight.  I want to get as many as possible up before we go to Denver.

    Other than that.  Need to hit the Ovid.

  • A Year of Two Springs

    Fall                                                  Full Autumn Moon

    A cool rain and a chilly fall evening with wet gold stuck to the bricks and asphalt, a low cloud cover and darkening twilight skies.

    Though ready to travel there is a sadness in missing the rest of fall, the transition from this still part summer, part cooler season time to the bleaker, barren time of November.  It is a favorite season, the continuing turn toward the Winter Solstice.

    We will leave it behind, first for the warmer, much warmer Western Caribbean, then sweaty Panama and hot Ecuador.  As we move south, we move into spring with milder temperatures, then, in southern Chile among the fjords and glaciers and around Cape Horn, the southern equivalent of the far north, where temperatures will be cooler.  So, for us, 2011 will be a year of two springs.

    And, a shortened fall.

    Meanwhile, Mark in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia faces 97 as a typical daytime high.  Gotta wonder what global warming has in store for the desert kingdom.  Sort of the old petrocarbons coming home to roost.