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A Reunion

Mid-Summer                                                                                              Waning Garlic Moon As the garlic moon wanes, the leaves of the garlic plants begin to brown from the bottom up.  When half of them are brown, I’ll pull a couple to see how they’re progressing.  I plant more … Continue reading

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Winter                                                                  New Moon of the Cold Month My brother, Mark, is a traveler, a wanderer, a planet.  He can’t sit still, a powerful urge to move comes over him, an urge with plenty of family reinforcement.  Dad took to the … Continue reading

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The Buddha

Lughnasa                                   Full Artemis Moon No.  Not that Buddha.  A small, bald, slightly pudgy baby Buddha.  That was what we called my sister when she was still an infant.  Mary had an inscrutable baldness going for her.  Now she lives in … Continue reading

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