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Winter                                                                  New Moon of the Cold Month My brother, Mark, is a traveler, a wanderer, a planet.  He can’t sit still, a powerful urge to move comes over him, an urge with plenty of family reinforcement.  Dad took to the … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                            Waning Grandchildren Moon Katie slipped her hands around my arm and stroked.  Then stopped and put some pressure on.  Then stroked some more.  Katie was my birthday present from a thoughtful wife.  She learned her trade from Sister Rosalind … Continue reading

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Bangkok Dangerous

Beltane                                                    Waxing Planting Moon From my brother, Mark Ellis. He was there: Dear Charlie, I mailed you a letter today from my neighborhood post office. That sounds very banal. However, it represents the end of the long siege of Bangkok. … Continue reading

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