Scot Escapes With The Gold

More on the situation in Bangkok:

from the Scotsman for December 1st, 2008

Published Date: 01 December 2008
IT WAS supposed to be a relaxing sunshine holiday in Thailand after a punishing schedule following his record three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.
But Scots cycling champion Chris Hoy found himself caught up in the chaos at Bangkok’s international airport, which has been taken over by anti-government protesters.

There are more than 500 Britons trapped in the country and Thai officials say the airport will remain closed until at least tonight.

Fortunately for Hoy, 32, who became a household name after his victories at the Olympics this year, he was able to pull a few strings.

Thanks to a longstanding relationship with the global parcel delivery company DHL, he and his girlfriend, Sarra Kemp, were among the lucky few to find a flight out of the country – not from Bangkok airport, but from Phuket.

Last night, Hoy’s agent, Ricky Cowan, revealed the cyclist had managed to fly out of Thailand “avoiding the Bangkok airport altogether”.

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