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Lughnasa                                                  Waxing Harvest Moon As August slides away and the sky shifts its colors toward deeper hues, an inner barometer detects higher emotional pressures.  The atmosphere weighs more, cuing those momentary pauses, breaks in attention.  It may signal a storm … Continue reading

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What Get’s You Up In The Morning?

Beltane                                                         Waxing Last Frost Moon Several years ago, maybe twenty, I sat down with my friend Lonnie Helgeson at the Walker cafe, a table overlooking downtown Minneapolis and the Sculpture Garden.  Lonnie, I said, I could die now.  I feel … Continue reading

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Minnesota: Where We Are

Beltane                                   Waxing Strawberry Moon Had another bowl of strawberries fresh from the patch, grown under the Strawberry Moon.  There’s something special about food that comes from your own land, nurtured by your own hands, a something special beyond the nutritional … Continue reading

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