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First Amendment

Winter                                                            Waning Moon of the Winter Solstice Walker stands with national peers in support of artistic freedom.  This is a big deal and I’m proud to be part of a community and an artistic/museum community that supports artistic freedom. 54 … Continue reading

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Fall                                                                             Waxing Harvest Moon Identification quiz.  Can you find Charlie Ellis in this class composite?  Hint, for some reason he’s the only one with a sport coat and tie.  In the third grade!

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A Life in Ruins: Part II

Fall                                    Waning Back to School Moon When I visited Angkor in 2005, I wrote a piece for my Pilgrimage series entitled, A Life in Ruins.  Ephesus, Delphi, Delos,Rome. Pompeii, numerous civil war battlefields and Attuthya are among the many ruins … Continue reading

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Oh, Yeah? How’d It Go?

Summer                                                  Waning Strawberry Moon We keep our walkin’ around money at the Credit Union, Associated Health Care Workers.  I like credit unions because they’re small and friendly, unlike our mortgage holder, Wells Fargo, who has shafted us time and again.  … Continue reading

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