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Bee and Garden Diary

Mid-Summer                                                                                          Waning Garlic Moon Today I performed partial hive box reversals in all three colonies.  The second hive box of three gets rotated to the bottom and the first or bottom box rotates up to take its place.  This means … Continue reading

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Another Northern Summer Day

Summer                             Full Strawberry Moon The full strawberry moon, evocative.  Our strawberries have wound down  for this season, but we enjoyed them while they ripened.  I had blueberries on cereal this morning, blueberries from our patch.  Finished the  planting for a … Continue reading

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Minnesota: Where We Are

Beltane                                   Waxing Strawberry Moon Had another bowl of strawberries fresh from the patch, grown under the Strawberry Moon.  There’s something special about food that comes from your own land, nurtured by your own hands, a something special beyond the nutritional … Continue reading

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My Bad

Beltane                                    Waxing  Strawberry Moon Well.  It seems I have the wrong moon for this month.  Even though my listing of moon names included Hungry Ghost as one for this month, further research reveals that in the Chinese calendar the seventh … Continue reading

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A Good Day

Samhain                                     Full Dark Moon Rigel and Vega spent much of the day defending us from visiting neighborhood dogs.  Of course, thanks to our record setting fence-lines no battle could be joined, but jaw-boning was much in evidence.  This evening they … Continue reading

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