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Not Good News

Summer                                    Full Grandchildren Moon Not good news for Hilo.  She is now in end-stage renal failure.  Roger Barr said that since her decline has been gradual she may  tolerate values in her  kidney functions that a dog with more rapid … Continue reading

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Summer                                                 Waning Strawberry Moon The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage. – Mark Russell You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot … Continue reading

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Another Northern Summer Day

Summer                             Full Strawberry Moon The full strawberry moon, evocative.  Our strawberries have wound down  for this season, but we enjoyed them while they ripened.  I had blueberries on cereal this morning, blueberries from our patch.  Finished the  planting for a … Continue reading

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Kidneys and Bee Stings

Summer                                Full Strawberry Moon The dew-point and the temperature are one, 67.  That means a cloud hangs not above us but around us.  It’s a drippy, soggy Saturday fit for neither garden work nor bees.  And I have work to … Continue reading

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Leeks, Shame and Ancestry

Spring                                                           Waxing Flower Moon The new dog food must be a mistake.  The whippets did not eat at all this morning, the big dogs ate little.  Hilo (our smallest whippet) is in her crate with what I take to be … Continue reading

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