Not Good News

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Not good news for Hilo.  She is now in end-stage renal failure.  Roger Barr said that since her decline has been gradual she may  tolerate values in her  kidney functions that a dog with more rapid onset may not.  Translation, she may live a bit longer this way.  Right now you wouldn’t know she was sick.

This is a sadness for us, of course.  Since we had Orion euthanized, I’ve given a lot of thought to my extreme reactions to euthanasia.  After much internal searching it finally came to me.  Dad and I decided to take Mom off life support.  The conflicted feelings from that decision, which we made together, carried over for me into euthanasia.  I now feel that I could make the decision to euthanize with a clear heart.

Having said that, my preference will still be to have her die at her own pace, at home, with no help from us.  Doggy hospice, when it becomes necessary, will be the norm if or until she seems in constant pain or dire discomfort.  Not for awhile though.

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