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Carpe Diem

Summer                                      Waning Grandchildren Moon Over to Rum River Central Park this morning inspired by Emma.  Her death reminded me life flees behind us as the ancientrail of our lifetime grows longer and longer.  This day is all we ever have, … Continue reading

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Emma’s Last Adventure

Beltane                                                Waning Planting Moon Emma’s excursion yesterday gave her, as things turned out, her last chance to wander on her own, beyond the woods and backyard that have been her home for over fourteen years.  She died last night, in … Continue reading

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Emma Elopes

Beltane                                  Waning Planting Moon Emma took off on a tour of the neighborhood.  Our housekeeper Lois opened the front door and Emma slipped out, using her fourteen years of observing human behavior, not speed, as her ally.  By the time … Continue reading

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Life is a Conspiracy Against Nature

Spring                                         Full Flower Moon Dicentra in deep pink, iris in deep purple, tulips in yellow, red, orange and purple, daffodils in many combinations of yellow and white, plus, amazing for this time of year, lilacs, fill out the full flower … Continue reading

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Living and Dying

Spring                                                    Full Flower Moon Death comes calling whenever it wants,  not worrying about the season or the weather or the inclinations of the living.  Kate’s colleague, Dick, suffering from multiple myeloma has gone on hospice care after two years of … Continue reading

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