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Sunday, Sunday

Mid-Summer                                                                            Full Honey Flow Moon More fun with the alarm system.  Back and forth with ADT.  On the phone, pushing buttons.  Still the chirping.  Service call. Business meeting.  Scheduling a Denver trip for sometime in September.  Looking at buying some … Continue reading

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Chainsaw and Snowblower. Watch out.

Samhain                                                  Waxing Moon of the Winter Solstice An inside day today.  Tomorrow outside.  A little bit of chainsaw action on trees broken by the early wet snow in November.  Some snowblower work on the sidewalk, clearing a wider path to … Continue reading

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Clearing the Paths

Lughnasa                                  Full Artemis Moon Kate and I yanked up the carpet under the mulched paths in our orchard, cleaned it off and re-laid it after putting weed seed germination preventer and round-up on the green vegetation in the paths.  These … Continue reading

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Summer                                    Waxing Grandchildren Moon Ray, the Andover High School junior who mows our yard, came over today and we moved the shredded bark into its home on the beds and walkways of the vegetable garden.  He’s 15 or 16.  I’m … Continue reading

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