Summer                                    Waxing Grandchildren Moon

Ray, the Andover High School junior who mows our yard, came over today and we moved the shredded bark into its home on the beds and walkways of the vegetable garden.  He’s 15 or 16.  I’m not.  Nap time will be important today.

We discussed his swimming.  He swims for the Andover High School team.  “Is the Andover team any good?”  “Well, it’s a young program.  Not like Anoka’s.”  He admires Michael Phelps and has that swimmer body with the developed upper chest and broad shoulders.  He came here from swimming.  5 days a week during the summer, 6 during the school year.  Dedicated.

We found him courtesy of a copied flier he put in our mail-box.  It was good timing since Kate, our mower, had hip surgery scheduled in June.  Ray also does other yard work, like helping me re-mulch the vegetable gardens.  He works hard, thinks ahead and is generally pleasant.  A testament to his kind.  The teen-age boy kind.

The Herd rumbles into Andover around 6 or so.  Kate’s worked hard to get the food ready.  She also did a lot of weeding over the week-end.  It’s nice to have her home and I’ll be glad when she retires in January.

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