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Busy Friday

Beltane                                                                                           Waxing Last Frost Moon Finally.  One chunk of the Metamorphosis finished in a literal (sort 0f) version.  That’s Book III:138-250.  My learning curve has been steep, sometimes so much so that I thought I might tip over backwards, but … Continue reading

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Using Tech Tools

Spring                                                Waning Bee Hiving Moon This morning Kate and I had our weekly business meeting.  Those Amazon books add up.  We’re well into the first growing season with Kate retired.  It makes the whole process seem less urgent, more manageable … Continue reading

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Daffodils Are Up. The Bees Are Coming. Growing Season Is Underway.

Spring                                              Waning Bee Hiving Moon Tomorrow afternoon is the day the bee’s come to their new home.  They will have traveled by truck from Chico, California, spent a night at Jim’s Nature’s Nectar and will leave Stillwater for Andover around … Continue reading

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Ovid and Me

Spring                                                               Waning Bloodroot Moon The Latin work has gone past difficult learning, though there is still that, too, into a different, almost ecstatic place.  Reading the words of another language and making sense, poetry, from them still seems magical to … Continue reading

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