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Bee-Keeping, The Third Year

Fall                                                         Full Autumn Moon Our revels now have ended.  The very last of the year’s harvest, four-foot long decorative squash and birdhouse style gourds, Kate brought in yesterday.  The bees are done for the year.  Two colonies will die over … Continue reading

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Impish and Knowing

Spring                                                               Waning Bee Hiving Moon Talked to the grandkids on Skype.  Gabe’s linguistics have made a jump and Ruthie seems to have rocketed past the early years of childhood and landed in an elementary school body.  Jen went to crossfit … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                                  Waning Bridgit Moon Sheepshead tonight.  I took in honey for Ed, Dick, Roy and Bill plus honeycake that Kate made from our honey.  Artemis Hives honors the ancient Greek Goddess of the hunt who also had honeybees within her … Continue reading

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A Herd Remnant

Summer                                               Waxing Grandchildren Moon The thundering herd of 11 Woolly Mammoths had dwindled to 5 by the time it found the outer reaches of urbia, the ex part.  Tom, Bill, Frank, Mark and Stefan joined me to make 6 of … Continue reading

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