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The Woollys of September

Lughnasa                                                       Waning Harvest Moon Woolly Mammoths on reading.  We had a meeting focused on current books, readings underway or accomplished during the summer.  Guys brought out books recounting the Battle of Little Big Horn hour by hour, the agony of … Continue reading

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Each Others Lives

Lughnasa                                                                       Waxing Honey Extraction Moon “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu Five men came together tonight at the Black Forest.  Brothers.  Men who have stood shoulder to shoulder … Continue reading

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Woolly’s. Again.

  Beltane                                                                      Full Last Frost Moon The meeting last night.  The note written late last night did not do this meeting justice.  The guest, Jay, told stories of his father, a Metropolitan Life Insurance Executive who hated his job, kept … Continue reading

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Knocking on the Door

Beltane                                                                             New Last Frost Moon There are times and this is one of them, when death seems behind every door.  My friend Bill has learned that his wife’s cancer is stage 4.  A grave diagnosis with a grave prognosis.   American’s … Continue reading

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Grasshopper, You Are About To Be A Grandfather

Spring                                                                           Full Bee Hiving Moon Men.  Emotions surprise us, batter us into consciousness, wake us up.  Hello, grasshopper, you are about to be A GRANDFATHER. Huh?  How did that happen?  Of course, you know exactly how it happened, but it … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                                  Waning Bridgit Moon Sheepshead tonight.  I took in honey for Ed, Dick, Roy and Bill plus honeycake that Kate made from our honey.  Artemis Hives honors the ancient Greek Goddess of the hunt who also had honeybees within her … Continue reading

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