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Reading Matters

Fall                                                             Waning Autumn Moon Found these questions on one of my frequent reads, The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Thought they’d be interesting to answer. Q: What’s the first thing you read in the morning? The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Q: What newspapers … Continue reading

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A Carnegie Library

Fall                                                   Waxing Autumn Moon Reading.  Alexandria, Indiana had a Carnegie library, one of those brick and limestone buildings sprinkled throughout American small towns, so ubiquitous we give them little thought.  Like the water tower they’ve always been there. Ours had … Continue reading

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The Woollys of September

Lughnasa                                                       Waning Harvest Moon Woolly Mammoths on reading.  We had a meeting focused on current books, readings underway or accomplished during the summer.  Guys brought out books recounting the Battle of Little Big Horn hour by hour, the agony of … Continue reading

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Weather Complaint

Spring(?)                                                    Waning Bloodroot Moon Well.  About a foot of new snow.  A foot.  Heavy, heart attack snow, too.  It’s hard to imagine a less welcome weather pattern at this time, with the exception of a hard rain.  Oh, yeah, we … Continue reading

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Not Stepping In The Same River Twice

Samhain                                                      Waning Thanksgiving Moon Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  You, too, tiny Tim. Stayed up late last night reading a novel about a Chinese detective in Chinatown, NYC.  Not sure how it happened but China has become my favorite country, much like … Continue reading

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Important Document? Read While Driving.

Spring                                                 Awakening Moon Warning:  Rant ahead.  Not texting, not brushing teeth, not combing hair, not eating cereal or drinking coffee, no, this young woman I passed on my way to the MIA yesterday read while driving.  By reading I do … Continue reading

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