Why I Read Less Non-Fiction

Written By: Charles - Mar• 24•12

Spring                                           New Bee Hiving Moon

Not much up.  Finished the Latin, worked out, worked on my presentation:  Reimagining Faith, watched one TV program and read some.  Vince Flynn, local author of the Mitch Rapp counter-terrorism novels, writes in the foreward to his book, Kill Shot, that he has prostate cancer.  This is the book I began last night.

I’m still poking around in Autumn in the Heavenly City (Taiping Rebellion) and Quest (a massive on energy and security by a guy who’s supposed to be the best in the field).  I read them more slowly.

Why I read non-fiction more slowly than fiction (usually).  During the bulk of my day I work with my brain, writing my own fiction, writing these blogs, studying for MIA tours, doing Latin translations, reading material from magazines and websites and books.

In the evening, when I turn to recreational reading, I find non-fiction often seems like an extension of my day; that is, it requires thought and careful attention, plus I’m learning something.  Most often, in the evenings, I’m ready for something mindless.  Fiction usually (not always) qualifies.  Some TV, occasionally, too.

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