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The Odor Of Sanctity

Summer                                    Waxing Grandchildren Moon Have you ever smelled fresh bees wax?  A smell that takes you right to the essence of the natural world.  It exudes a sense of well-being, freshness, vitality.  I harvested some honey today for the Woolly … Continue reading

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Important Document? Read While Driving.

Spring                                                 Awakening Moon Warning:  Rant ahead.  Not texting, not brushing teeth, not combing hair, not eating cereal or drinking coffee, no, this young woman I passed on my way to the MIA yesterday read while driving.  By reading I do … Continue reading

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Harvest and Preservation

Lughnasa                      Waning Harvest Moon It changed.  The game.  After half-time most of the time, I expected to see showed up.  How about that 64 yard run by Peterson?  Wow.  Still, it concerned me that we didn’t get more pressure on … Continue reading

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