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Bee Diary: Hive Inspections

Beltane                                                    Waxing Garlic Moon Colony #1:  This is the colony in which my queen release went well.  She’s been busy.  The second hive box, on only a week, has all the brood frames with brood, some full, some partial, so … Continue reading

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Bee Diary: Keep On Keepin’ On

Spring                                                           Full Bee Hiving Moon The die is cast again for this season.  Three packages, three three pound packages with around 8,000 bees each will arrive on Saturday.  I’m glad Kate convinced me to buy the larger package since the … Continue reading

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Queen Bees

Beltane                  Waxing Dyan Moon Hat jauntily askew and ready to check on his bees. The bees have been busy since I left two + weeks ago.  A lot more worker bees, probably three times than the original packagae, so maybe … Continue reading

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