Speaking of Oscillations

Winter                                     First Moon of the New Year

Gingrich wins.  Romney won.  Santorum won.  The longer and more divisive the Republican primary season, the better.  Let them shred each other.  It could give Obama a chance he may not deserve, but one I hope he gets.

On the other hand.  A sharply divided and ideologically splintered opposition can make governing a real headache, especially if the Republicans retain control of the House and take the Senate.  This latter is possible, with seven Democratic seats up and only two Republican.

The partisan in me wants to watch the Republicans blow themselves up, weaken their party back to the special interest group it used to be, but I know that’s not a good way forward for our country.  We need two parties, a more conservative, fiscally conscious and moderately bellicose one and one dedicated to justice, economic and social.  These are two legitimate strains of  thought when it comes to understanding and creating policy for our country.  The best governance comes from these two impulses fighting it out in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Given my druthers we would move toward the democratic socialism of  Europe, covering health care, creating affordable housing, solid support and aid for those who cannot find work, seeing that everyone gets as much education as they can tolerate, and providing solid retirement benefits.

Martin Luther King said it best:  “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

I believed that in 1964 and I believe it today.  We must keep working, not become faint-hearted or victims of despair.  Just when greed seems to have gained the high ground, just when hatred seems stronger than love, just when the 1% seem to obscure the 99, just then  will the high ground transform to common ground, love embrace hatred and the 99% become seen and heard and felt.

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