Red-Neck Socialism

62  bar steady 29.88  2mph  WSW dew-point 54  sunrise 6:40  set 7:42

Waxing Crescent of the Harvest Moon   rise 1:14  9:58

And they packed up their bags, had one more martini for the road and dispersed to the south, east and west.  The elephants have left the state.  From way out here in Andover it hardly felt like they were here, except for the occasional dissing of Minnesota on the Colbert show. “Could Minnesota be any more white?”  I suppose the event will go down as historic primarily for the introduction of the female rottweiler, Sarah Palin.  She’s a gun-totin’, moose dressin’, pro-oil drillin’ and wolf killin’, state trooper firin’, gubernator and conservative from the only socialist state in the union*.

*”In the state of Alaska, … citizens possess the seemingly unlikely combination of a rugged individualist reluctance to have the government meddle in their affairs with a willingness to accept a nearly $2,000 per Alaskan handout from the Alaska Permanent Fund. I’ve heard this combination referred to as “red neck socialism” and it’s a very Jacksonian, very American attitude.”  from the Glittering Eye

Here’s a red-faced son of the soil, a citizen of the Cherokee Purple Nation:


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