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The Late Summer Garden

Lughnasa                                                          Waning Honey Extraction Moon Working in the late summer garden.  Those creepy pre-beetle organisms continue to gnaw on my potato plants and I gnaw right back.  So far the invasion has not gained a significant beach head thanks to … Continue reading

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Rusty Latin

Fall                                                         Waning Harvest Moon Back into the Latin this morning with my tutor, Greg.  Boy, I got rusty in just two months off.  This language stuff requires constant attention.  When I went through college and sem, I took courses that … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                               Waxing Back to School Moon Finished digging the potatoes.  The crop seems smaller than last year’s, but I can’t tell for sure.  Still, we don’t eat potatoes often and we have enough to last us quite awhile.  Kate made … Continue reading

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Planting Done As Planting Moon Wanes

Beltane                                              Waning Planting Moon Almost all of the seeds and transplants have gone in the ground with the exception of succession plantings of beets, lettuce and carrots.  I have butternut squash to plant and that will go in today.  After … Continue reading

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Fall Photos

Fall                                    Waxing Blood Moon The run of electric fence alongside the east side of our woods. The fence installation. Squash now in our storage room The garden dies back.

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Picture Time Again

Lughnasa                               Full Harvest Moon A butterfly in the orchard A Guatemalan blue squash and an open blossom A vegetable man Grandma made for Ruthie Our entry in the 4-H veggie naughty bits competition Who says we don’t pamper our dogs?

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