The Weekend

Written By: Charles - Sep• 11•11

Lughnasa                                                 Full Harvest Moon

Kate’s out in Denver visiting the grandkids while Mark and I hold a visa watch, waiting for some word from the mysterious world of Saudi bureaucracy.

Yesterday I took a trip to Duluth to deliver 3 pounds of honey in payment for use of the image on this year’s Artemis Honey labels.  Kenspeckle Press provided the image through a friend of Mark Odegard, Rick Allen.

Mark turned this image into a beautiful 2011 label for Artemis Hives.  Thanks, Mark and Rick.

Today I moved books off a bookshelf, moved the bookshelf and repositioned a weight rack.  Later I broke ground for garlic planting and split the bulbs into cloves for planting tomorrow.

I also watched the Vikings.  How about those Vikings?  May be a short season for me.  I’m a fair weather fan.

Latin, groceries, planting garlic.  All await tomorrow.


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