Vikes Still Alive

Winter                      Waning Moon of Long Nights

It’s now week 2 of the NFL playoff season and the Vikes are still in it.  Of course, they backed into a bye for this weekend as number 2 seed in the NFC.  Next week we’ll play the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys have had a hot quarterback, a surging defense and late season mo’.  We have one game momentum from thrashing the hapless second half of the season Giants.  I don’t know the teams at the matchup level, nor do I pretend to understand the fickle notion of momentum.  I know, in a game when we click on all cylinders, we can play with anybody.  I hope we have three such games left.

In this next week there is this and that to get done before I leave for Denver and the Great Western Stock Show.  This:  make supershuttle reservations and rent a car, that:  buy light bulbs, a surge protector, new watch batteries.  Get groceries and such squared away for Kate while I’m gone.  That kind of thing.

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