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A Busy Friday

Samain                                                                       Bare Aspen Moon Full day yesterday. Up at 4:45 though Kep had nudged Kate awake earlier and she’d already fed the dogs. Wrote, ate breakfast, came back to the loft and filed all my open tabs in Evernote. That … Continue reading

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Hey, Tom Byfield. Hi!

Samain                                                                     Bare Aspen Moon Another shoutout to Tom Byfield. If you’re still reading Ancientrails, Tom, I want to say I’m glad for the report from Morry and Ginny. Sorry to hear about the pneumonia, glad to hear you’re on the … Continue reading

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Winter Break

Samain                                                                     Bare Aspen Moon I also recalled yesterday that I’ve had this end of year let down often. When I worked for the Presbytery, I noticed that no congregation wanted a church executive around during the run up to Christmas … Continue reading

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what’s in your pot tonight?

Samain                                                                               Bare Aspen Moon After writing the post below, about slowing down, I realized I need a vacation. Time off. A break. A pause. I need to vacate the life I love for just a bit, to clear out the … Continue reading

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Jones Wins!

Samain                                                              Bare Aspen Moon Can’t ignore the news today. 51 to 49 is the new Senate math. Really a low, low bar when a victory against a Supreme Court defying pedophile, by only 21,000 votes, is seen as a crushing … Continue reading

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With Joyful Interpenetration for All

Samain                                                                       Bare Aspen Moon found in High Country News, by Gary Snyder:   I pledge allegiance to the soil of Turtle Island and to the beings who thereon dwell one ecosystem in diversity under the sun with joyful interpenetration for … Continue reading

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“You’re not supposed to do that.”

Samain                                                                       Bare Aspen Moon   Yesterday the bagel table, an informal shabbat service with, yes, bagels, focused on three stories in the Torah that dealt with difficult situations involving sexuality: the stories of Dinah, Tamar and Potiphar’s wife. The conversation … Continue reading

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So cold

Samain                                                               Bare Aspen Moon The great wheel has turned again, moving Orion further down the southwestern horizon in the early morning. The air is cooler here. A Beth Evergreen friend, Alan, came in to the kabbalah class and announced, “Winter … Continue reading

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