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A Blue Blood Moon

Winter                                                                   Imbolc Moon The Imbolc Moon put on a show this morning. I got up just as the first finger of black touched it. Kate and I sat on the loft’s balcony and watched as the finger pushed its way … Continue reading

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Cemeteries or the State of the Union?

Winter                                                                        Imbolc Moon Instead of watching the state of the union Kate and I participated in a presentation on green burial and the possibility of creating a green cemetery. Beth Evergreen has been moving, slowly, toward a Jewish cemetery over … Continue reading

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Medicine. Good.

Winter                                                                Imbolc Moon Met a charming Dr. David Schneider yesterday. Kate’s shoulder guy. He said thin women like her were ideal candidates for a new shoulder, either the reverse or the normal. He recommends the reverse implant because it not … Continue reading

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Shoulder, Trees, Writing

Winter                                                                         Imbolc Moon Hippity hop to the ortho shop. Kate’s got an appointment at Panorama Orthopedics today. Her right shoulder. She can no longer hold things up with her right arm and has to use two hands to put dishes … Continue reading

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Winter                                                                            Imbolc Moon Kate sewed most of the day yesterday. May not seem like a big deal, but it is. Her energy and her energy management skills are both improving and she’s enjoying life more. I’m so glad to see … Continue reading

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Art Therapy

Winter                                                                      Imbolc Moon B-12 deficiency.  That’s the latest on Rigel. Fixable with either injections or oral tablets. What causes it? Don’t know yet. Might not be important. She’s looking better, her coat is more lustrous and she no longer has … Continue reading

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Winter                                                                     Imbolc Moon No word yet on Rigel’s further tests, the ones focused on her GI tract. We do have her now on a diet exclusive of all proteins other than rabbit and those from milk products. She seems less … Continue reading

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Triple Lunacy

Winter                                                                               Imbolc Moon Friend Tom Crane noticed this on Earthsky:  Super Blue Moon Eclipse. A super moon, a blue moon and an eclipsed moon on January 31st, coming to the night sky near you. In the America’s this is the … Continue reading

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Just Sayin’

Winter                                                                           Imbolc Moon Brother Mark asked me about my Doctor of Divinity. Well, it’s actually a Doctor of Ministry, the old D.D. was usually an honorary title, this one is earned. I graduated in 1991, walking down the aisle of … Continue reading

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