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Winter                                                                           Imbolc Moon

mcCormickBrother Mark asked me about my Doctor of Divinity. Well, it’s actually a Doctor of Ministry, the old D.D. was usually an honorary title, this one is earned. I graduated in 1991, walking down the aisle of Rockefeller Chapel on the campus of the University of Chicago, though the degree granting institution was McCormick Seminary. Yes, that McCormick, of reaper fame. (ironic for a religious institution, I think)

20180124_093748But. I do have one of the most audaciously named degrees any institution can grant and I earned that one back in 1976: The Master of Divinity degree. Just think about that. Yahweh, you do this. Baal, you do that. Mithra, take down that Trump border wall. Osiris, raise that person from the dead. A very powerful degree, neh?


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