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Spring                                                                                   Mountain Moon Yesterday found me getting this done, that done, the next thing done. Even found an electrician to come install a ceiling fan in the bedroom. This last one is a feat close to finding a rainbow unicorn. … Continue reading

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A Dark Mystery

Spring                                                                       Mountain Moon Suicide. A dark mystery. It closes off communication, denies explanations. Though it seems cruel to me, the Roman Catholic prohibition against suicide puts a moral weight on the individual’s scales. Says, wait. Pause. They see it, clearly … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                             Mountain Moon Yesterday was d-2 of the new dishwasher era. I have now seen the wonderful word, CLEAN, on its external panel twice. And, after checking, it’s true! I believe, barring trouble, that this brings the dishwasher saga to … Continue reading

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Absence makes the heart grow wiser

Spring                                                                            Mountain Moon Yes, it arrived. The bad Samsung got hauled away ignominiously with nary a tear of loss or grief. The new Kitchenaid now glares from its Cylon lens, hunting for dirty dishes, pots and pans that need a … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                          Mountain Moon

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Spring                                                                    Mountain Moon Today is D-Day on Shadow Mountain. Dishwasher Day, that is. Sometime between 8 and 12, the cliched “window”, Best Buy, yes, that old home town favorite, will deliver and install our new Kitchen Aid dishwasher. After five … Continue reading

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Out and Back Again

Spring                                                                       Mountain Moon Earth Day. Thanks, Gaylord Nelson. Gabe’s birthday, too. 10 this year. He got a fidget spinner, an infinity box and a red envelope with money, $10 for each year. This year Earth Day is also Kate’s one … Continue reading

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Mountain Scenes

Spring                                                                    Mountain Moon On the way over to Rich’s (see post below), I saw these gals lounging around in front yards. This morning, looking east on Black Mountain Drive.

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Spring                                                                        Mountain Moon Drove over to Rich Levine’s in Evergreen, up on Alpine drive. I took with me two hive boxes, twenty filled out frames, a half bee suit and a veil, smoker, pellets, bee brush, and a hive tool. … Continue reading

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