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Ancient Holidays

Spring                                                                       New Shoulder Moon It’s the second night of pesach tonight and tomorrow morning is easter. Liberation and resurrection, or liberation and death’s final bow. Resurrection is hard to integrate since its hard proof lies beyond the veil of this … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Book

Spring                                                                    New Shoulder Moon “A scholar is just a library’s way of making another library.”  -Daniel Dennett, philosopher, writer, and professor (b. 28 Mar 1942)    found by friend Tom Crane I love this quote. As I wrote back to Tom, … Continue reading

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Race/Class/Gender Curvature in Society

Spring                                                           New Shoulder Moon A bit out of left field, more like right field where I played my entire (short) little league career, but occasioned by Tara’s visit yesterday with her son Vincent. Vincent had been explaining his understanding of … Continue reading

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Spring                                                             New Shoulder Moon Surprising, sophisticated, jawbreakingly awful sign on a conservative church sign board: “Anxiety is just unbelief in disguise.” If you live in Christworld, there is a certain sense in which this appears to be true. If only … Continue reading

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Recovery under the New Shoulder Moon

Spring                                                                           New Shoulder Moon Kate has slept well, mostly, her first two nights home. She’s controlling her pain with tylenol and the occasional tramadol or vicodin. She had a bout of nausea yesterday; but, unfortunately, that’s not really unusual. Her … Continue reading

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At the Vet

Spring                                                                   New Shoulder Moon I want one.

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Spring                                                                            New Shoulder Moon Finally. Kate’s home. An iatrogenic problem. Squared. The surgery was the first culprit, of course. A surgeon cut into her. An anesthetist put her into a drugged sleep. New, unfamiliar elements got installed, in her body. … Continue reading

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Spring                                                               New Shoulder Moon Still not home. I went over yesterday after lunch only to find Kate struggling to eat a bite of a bacon sandwich. She couldn’t keep that down, water either. Extremely unpleasant for her. Kate hates nausea. … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                             New Shoulder Moon Update. Just spoke to Kate. Feeling much better. Home after lunch sometime. I’m heading in around noon. Relieved.

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