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Worn Out

Winter (last day)                                                                    Waxing Moon OK. You guys win. Extreme Minnesota macho points earned these last few days. And, I saw that Paul Douglas predicts a 100 degree temperature swing! 100 degrees. You wouldn’t want to hear that if it … Continue reading

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What next?

Winter                                                                          Waxing Moon Wednesdays have a tendency to get busy. Today, for example. Make soup, eat some, deliver the rest. Drive Kate back home and myself over to CBE for religious school. At 5 pm Irene will do a class … Continue reading

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So Beautiful

Winter                                                                             Waxing Moon Another 6 or 8 inches of snow yesterday. Snowiest January since 1993. The northern half and eastern quadrant of Colorado watersheds have above average snowpack. Critically, the Colorado Headwaters area is at 116%. The south western quadrant … Continue reading

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Winter                                                                         Waxing Moon Snowing here. About an inch already. Then comes the cold. But not like the cold my friends in Minnesota are going to feel. For example, Tue -7 for a high, -27 for a low. Wed -15 for … Continue reading

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Sweet Cream Pancakes and more

Winter                                                                         Waxing Moon When Mark and Tom were here, we tried to recapitulate our Durango trip breakfast at the Rustic Station. Turned out they only serve breakfast on weekends. Yesterday was my monthly run to the Happy Camper for cannabis. … Continue reading

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Salmon Heads and Organic Miso

Winter                                                                                   Waxing Moon Yesterday. A do this, then do that, then do that day. 1st up. Feed dogs, then write blog. 2nd. Make breakfast. 3rd. Blow snow. 4th. Workout. 5th. Drive to H-Mart in Westminster. 6th. Back home through rush … Continue reading

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The Days of Our Ancientrails

Winter                                                                       Waxing Moon Never thought of it this way before, but Ancientrails is a soap opera of sorts. Or, ugh, a reality show. We have recurring characters: Kate, Jon, Ruth, Gabe, SeoAh, Murdoch, Murdoch’s dad, Jen \, Rabbi Jamie, Mark, … Continue reading

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Winter                                                                    Waxing Moon More snow on the way. Not too much. When I left the house for the loft this morning, I looked to the southern sky. Two bright points about 10 degrees above Eduardo and Holly’s place. Venus and … Continue reading

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I see Christmas

Winter                                                                        Waxing Moon 8-10 inches of new, fluffy snow Monday night and yesterday. Looking out our bedroom window at night I see Christmas. Flocked trees. The full moon shining on fresh powder. A significant chill in the air. 7 degrees. … Continue reading

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On Working at Your Best

Winter                                                                         Waxing Moon Painting. A long, long ancientrail. Walked by so many. A few well, more journeypersons, and the rest of us. Mediocre. An interesting idea, mediocre. If you’re working to your best capacity, your work is wonderful. Mediocre arrives … Continue reading

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