Driving for Clean Air

75  bar falls 29.84  0mph SSE dew-point 61  sunset 6:33  sunset 7:55  Lughnasa

New (Harvest) Moon

OK.  I admit there is some irony to driving into the city for one interview, especially when the candidate interviews for the Sierra Club endorsement.  On balance though I think participation in the process outweighs the carbon emissions.   Of course, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Anyhow I did it.  We met for an hour with a Green party candidate in a suburban race.  One of the key elements of real life politics is that it happens in the actual, not the theoretical world.  That means just having good ideas and sound knowledge only puts you part way there.  The other, equally important part, lies in the campaign, election and governing process.  Without a good campaign structure, strategy and money all the bright ideas in the world are no good.  If elected, politics then entails the messy process of governing:  bills, committees, deals.

This guy was real bright.  A great grasp of the issues Sierra Club cares about.  But the political side of his equation had a near zero.  Multiply zero times any number of good ideas and you know what you get?  Zero.

Still, seeing him in person enables my input into the decision to have grounding.