Sombre et Sol

59  bar steady 29.98 2mh NE dew-point 53  sunrise 6:48  set 7:29  Lughnasa

Waxing Gibbous Harvest Moon  rise 6:15  set 3:35


9AM Sun/Shade

OK.  All the sun/shade photographs have been printed and I will take them over to Ecological Gardens today.  Just looking at them myself, it is obvious that we have vegetable growing possibilities in the front yard, to the east.  That will affect the plan.

I will do candidate research on the targeted campaigns for the Sierra Club Northstar post-endorsement political activity today.  This consists of compiling information about the candidates and their stands on enviornmental issues.  Should be fun.

This weekend I have to design my Made in America tour.  I have a list of objects, but I have to do some research.

Also, the hemerocallis have begun to call to me.  Move us! Move us!  That has to happen soon.  An order for fall bulbs goes in today, too.  This will replace the daffodils I dug up to plant under the lily and iris plus add some new tulips,

Fall planting has a ritual feeling to me by now since this will be my 17th straight year.


9 AM Sun/Shade