Trail’s End

Fall                                                          Waxing Autumn Moon

Just put into place the last plans.  A visit to Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio and Corcovado.  Sugar Loaf is the mountain illuminated in this photograph.  It was familiar to me from other shots I’d seen of Rio.  To reach its top requires two different cable car rides.  That we’ll do the day we leave.

Corcovado, which we will do the day we arrive in Rio, has the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer.  It is, so far, the only well known tourist site we have on our entire cruise.  The rest are places more known for their geography and culture than for their tourist appeal.

On our second night in Rio we will attend the Plataforma, a show that features the costumes and dances of Carnival.  Since we will probably not get to Rio for Carnival (and wouldn’t want to even if we could), this should be an interesting evening. I should say night since in typical Latin style the show starts at 10pm.  These events are at the very end of our cruise and represent a farewell to the journey and South America.

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