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Kenny Waters
Kenny Waters Incident Date: 5/21/80

Jurisdiction: MA

Charge: Murder, Robbery

Conviction: Murder, Robbery

Sentence: Life

Year of Conviction: 1983

Exoneration Date: 6/19/01

Sentence Served: 18 Years

Real perpetrator found? Not Yet

Contributing Causes:Informants

Compensation? Yes

Just watched Conviction, the Hilary Swank movie about Kenny Waters and his sister who went to law school to prove him innocent.  A moving story, well told.

Went on the web to check it out and discovered that Kenny Waters tripped and fell from a 15 foot retaining wall 6 months after being released from prison.  He died from head trauma associated with the fall.  They did not show this in the movie.

Movies.  I just love’em. Have done for a long time.  But, never got around to pursuing film with any seriousness.  Now, Kate and I are going to have a movie night every Friday.  I know, you probably do this already, but we’re just getting around to it now that she’s retired.  She picks 2 and I pick 2 each month.  My first two are Black Orpheus and The Third Man.

I really want to learn more about film criticism and how movies get made.  The Rough Guide to Cinema has a wonderful collection of films and directors, a sort of crash course in four people’s views of cinema classics.  Plus I have a book on the Grammar of Film and one on Film Studies. I’m all set.

Throw a little popcorn in the microwave.


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