Ummm…. Money

Winter                         First Moon of the Winter Solstice

Inflation is at 3.39%.  How about that?  Just thought you might like to know.

Only reason I know is that we adjust the draw from our IRA every January and we have to take the inflation rate into account when we do that.  How do we take it into account?  I don’t remember, so I just e-mailed Ruth to find out her formula.

And winter.  Sorta back.  I loved the guy in the Tribune this day who identified SDA:  Seasonal Disappointment Disorder.  That’s me.  A bad case.

Still squeezing that budget to make it fit our income.  This shoe is sooo tight.  We have plenty of money, we just have too many expenses.  Ha.

I’m definitely on the downswing with posts here.  More than made up for though by posts to  Check’em out if you enjoy other peoples vacation photos.