The West

Winter                                        First Moon of the New Year

Residuals from Denver.  Gabe saying, “Oh, no.” as he pushes his toy trains over the edge of the table.  Ruthie dancing with her stuffed horse while the US Junior Olympian dressage quadrille performed.  Jon at work on the renovation, painting doors, grouting tile.  Jen and I headed out to A-basin to pick up Jon after his head banging.

The more we go out there and, specifically, the more I go to the Great Western Stock Show, the more intrigued I get with the West.  Cowboys.  Belt Buckles.  Rodeo.  Horses.  Ranches.  Brahma bulls and Longhorn cattle.  Rhinestone belts and Stetson hats.  There is an America here that I know little about.  A part of the country’s history born in pioneer expansion and Indian oppression.  A hardy, land and livestock oriented life necessitated by land unfit for traditional agriculture.

Both the new West and the old one intrigues me.  Even the very old one.  The Anasazi west and the gunfighter and outlaw west and the rancher and cowboy and pick-up truck west.

Not sure right now what to do with this intrigue, but something will come.

Code of the West

  • ·         Live each day with courage
  • ·         Take pride in your work
  • ·         Always finish what you start
  • ·         Do what has to be done
  • ·         Be tough, but fair
  • ·         When you make a promise, keep it
  • ·         Ride for the brand
  • ·         Talk less and say more
  • ·         Remember that some things aren’t for sale
  • ·         Know where to draw the line