Book of Revelations

Spring                                                     Bee Hiving Moon

Weather guru Paul Douglas (a Republican who accepts global warming and climate science) said this morning, “I feel like a weather forecaster for the Book of Revelations.  If the 7th day of my 7 day forecast doesn’t appear, head for the hills.”

(our cherry blossoms)

This because he had to assure us that the SNOW today would not accumulate.  Over the last two weeks I’ve gone from furnace to AC and back again twice.  Never before in my memory.

As I ate my delicious Swedish pancakes, thank you Kate, the snow blew and whirled over the bee hives, through the branches of our blooming cherry and pear trees and gathered on the tips of the onions stalks I planted a couple of weeks ago.

Interesting.  As my Norwegian brethren might say.

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