Below Ground With Medicine

Spring                                                                Bee Hiving Moon

On errands today I went to Mercy Hospital, got lost in their basement–think rooms filled with IV poles, wheel-chairs, book cases and beds–finally found my way to our Credit Union, then retreated, again through the basement, but knowing where I was going.

On the way I passed the SEIU/Minnesota Nurse Assocation bulletin board.  On it were fliers to encourage documentation of management initiatives claiming to improve patient care, with the real goal of lowering staffing levels.  There was a very long document that related acuity of patient care with staffing needs.  There are struggles going on within medical care that are important for all of us, especially those of us concerned that folks have a decent wage and tolerable and safe working conditions.

As I continued on down the hall, I noticed an Employee bulletin board.  On it were notices of apartments for rent close to the hospital, various kinds of services and, most ironically to me, two notices of fund-raisers.  Fund-raisers for what?  For costs associated with medical care.  Think of it, hospital employees, many of them making minimum wage or just a bit better, gathering with friends to support, with their health-care based salaries, the very system that makes access to itself not only expensive, but in some cases, impossible.

Wandering around in various institutions is fun and educational.  Think I’ll hit the university next.

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