I’m Gonna Move To…

Fall                                                                    Harvest Moon

The end of life as we know it.  If [blank] wins, I’m moving to Canada or Monaco depending on the political inclination.  At age 65 I’ve been going through these elections virtually since I was old enough to vote in 1968.  1968!  What a year.

Each presidential election for several cycles, except the first, I voted Gus Hall, a perennial Minnesota favorite son running on the Communist party ticket.  That first election I voted for Dick Gregory, whose Indiana campaign found me heavily involved.  In fact, I voted for Gus Hall until he died.  Basically, my vote said, other, please.

Since Dick and Gus passed from the political scene, I’ve voted Democrat, even in years when I didn’t want to.  Which was all of them except the last election.  When I say I didn’t want to vote for the Democrat, I don’t mean I thought the Republican was a worthy choice; rather, I voted Democrat to show a general tendency, a direction, a prod toward the future.

This year, too, I will vote for Obama.  It will be a much more luke warm vote than in 2008 since his mode of governance has shown little to me except for his health care legislation.  Which, as I reminded us a few weeks ago, had its origin in the Cato Institute, a Libertarian think tank.

Other than that, and even in that with an honest analysis, Obama has been a candidate of the Business Party, as Noam Chomsky refers to both Republicans and Democrats.  I say even in that in reference to health care for this reason.  Health insurance as a benefit has cost many industries a good deal of money and proved impossible for some small businesses.  If the tea party would take its cocked-hat off long enough to let blood circulate through the brain, they would notice that the more aid and stability the government can bring to health care, the better it is for business.

So, even if the unexpected happens and Mitt Romney wins, don’t expect to find my car left running on the freeway or our home empty with dinner in the stove.  We’ll be here.  I might even be hard at work plotting for 2016.