I’m So Happy

Imbolc      Waxing Wild Moon

The sun set bathed in salmon robes.  The temperature has gone up; the wind has quieted.  There is still a faint light as we move toward full darkness.

Most of the day today I worked on the Sierra Club blog.  Boy, do I feel in over my head.  Just like last fall with the political committee, only this time I have an actual responsibility.  I’ve got to get up to speed on both the Club’s campaigns, complex in some instances, like Building Sensible Communities, and I also have to know the on-the-ground work at the capitol.  So far I’ve not figured a good method for doing either.

All of which, oddly enough, makes me happy.  It means that I’m into something with sufficient complexity and importance to demand all of me.  Art history has me the same way, as did religion and neighborhood politics before them.