The End of the Beginning

Written By: Charles - Apr• 10•13

Spring                                                               New (Planting) Moon

The story of the golden fleece has been entirely translated, though I’ve not yet checked my work.  I feel ready now to go back to Book I and begin the task I set myself a while ago, the translation of the Metamorphoses.  As I wrote here earlier, this will mean a change in the mode of translation, with more careful note-taking, review of other versions of the myths in other authors, comparison of my work at some point to other translators, then working toward the best English I can imagine.  I will start notes for a commentary, though how long that project will last alongside the primary one, I can’t tell at this time.  Maybe the whole way.

(Golden Fleece pub in Heidelberg)

It’s deeply satisfying to have reached this point, the end of the beginning.


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