The God of War

Spring                                                                         Planting Moon

Gun control derailed two days after the Boston bombing.  Say again?  So violence wins.  Ares is the god of our time, not Yahweh, although in a fight Yahweh never put away the slingshot.

The god of war has built temples in many places over the long centuries, here is one located in Fairfax, Virginia.  NRA HQ.

It features a headquarters range with the following offerings:

The 15-position NRA Range is open to the public and offers:

  • Shooting Events and Activities!
  • Shooting Distances up to 50 yards!
  • Automatic target retrieval system that allows the shooter to edge and face the target for time intervals programmed by the shooter!
  • Wheelchair Accessible!
  • All pistol calibers and rifle up to .460 Weatherby Magnum!
  • A professional staff of NRA Certified Range Safety Officers!

Where does the propensity for violence leave us?  It leaves us with domestic cooking utensils, producers of pot roasts and swiss steak by my mother for example, as weapons of cruel destruction, ripping body and bone apart rather than building it at the supper table.

It leaves us with the twisted irony of the United States Senate turning away minimalist gun control legislation with the taste of cordite still in the air, with shrapnel still in victim’s bodies.

Wish I could dial up Zeus and tell him to call off his boy.  Tell him to stand down.  Enough.


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