Gettin’ Ready

Beltane                         Full Flower Moon

As I move into the week before a trip, I begin going over my check lists, things to take, things to stop, buy fewer groceries, get all necessary work around the house done.   On my to take list are wheeled luggage (for those long trips from the first class lounge to the train), netbook, deet, camera, Kindle and my passport.  Yes, clothes, too.

On the to do list is gathering necessary passwords and usernames in one place, stop the mail, stop the newspaper, get all the baby plants in their new beds, check the bees one more time, finish moving the day lillies.

There is, at least for me, the inevitably of forgetting some task, some essential item.  Over the years I have become familiar with my habits, the kind of things I tend to forget or misplace, so I tend not to lose or forget my wallet, glasses, tickets, camera and Dopp kit.  Maybe this will be the trip where everything gets done and nothing forgotten.  No thing left behind.  Hey, could be an educational program, too.

Today in specific I’ll move all the indoor plants outside, work some more on the day lillies and set my baby plants outside for 5 hours.  Gotta groceries, too, and cook dinner.  Then, there’s workout.  Ready. Set.

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