Savannah–Creek for Marsh Grass

Beltane            Waning Flower Moon

The Gray Line Tour of Savannah did its job.  It was a quick overall view of the city with a dash of information on Hilton Head Island.

Savannah and Philadelphia (according to the guide) are the only cities in the US laid out to plans conceived before their planners arrived in this country.  Savannah’s plan came from London, a scheme to rebuild it.

When I lived in Irvine Park in St.Paul, it was much like the older squares in Savannah.  It had Federalist architecture as well as later 19th century styles.  In fact, Savannah reminded me of St. Paul, especially Summit Avenue and Irvine Park.

The strange part, though, was the weather.  Yesterday Savannah had the lowest maximum temperature (66) of any year since 1875!  It has been rainy and chilly since I got here.  The tour itself lost something of its Southern ambiance with the chill.

I did see the house where the murder (or misfortune, as the people in the house now call it) occurred that prompted the book and the movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Tours rarely attract me, but I wanted a quick look at Savannah to see if I might want to spend more time there. I’m not sure.  Period houses lose their appeal for me pretty quickly.  Maybe if it warms up.

Kate and I had a low country buffet with her pediatric colleagues tonight.

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