Lughnasa                                                                         College Moon

Out for a brief round of harvesting this morning: raspberries, tomatoes, peppers, beets, onions. The big raspberry harvest is still ahead of us; the goldens have only begun to ripen and they’re the largest number of canes. We’ll still have more beets and carrots, plus the leeks which have matured early this year.

The August grass dripped with dew and soaked my outside Keen’s, then the lower part of my jeans as I worked. A garden in the morning, before the heat has come, while droplets of water still cling to bent over leaves is a place of promise. It is the Lughnasa/Mabon/Samain season captured in a moment in a time. The harvest is the zenith of gardening’s purpose, at least vegetable gardening.

We can imagine folks bent over their tomatoes, their green beans, their cucumbers, their squash. Striding through raspberry canes and, armed with scissors, headed into the grape arbors. They’re all over the state, all over the nation in these months, gathering food, the oldest of ancient traditions. How can the future be bleak in a garden, in the morning, in the harvest season?

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