Creating a Schooner from a Merchant Ship

Lughnasa                                                                             College Moon

Heretical thought in my universe. Whew, all those books boxed up. Maybe I can just do without. Make them all red tape boxes. There’s a sense of liberation as the shelves empty and the areas around begin to breathe again, more space now, less like a scholar’s burrow. All my friends who’ve gone through this process, this decluttering have expressed similar feelings. Lifted off my back. Freer. Less weight. Less drag. Less. And in this case less is less, not more. Moving toward enough, away from trying to capture everything you like and hold it hostage at home.

Response to heresy. No, the time is not yet for jettisoning everything. This is not a sinking ship, nor is it a ship in trouble that needs to be lighter. This is a ship that will move more gracefully with less sail. That’s happening, has already happened.

There is another round to come, too. The third removal, after the move. The realization that this is not needed here, in the new place. Which will call out its own needs. Unknown now.