Scenery and Traffic

83.  Picked up the little Cobalt and it was hot.  Sunny.  Clear.  Prediction is kids in the pools, old folks in the jewelry stores and bars.

Left the cosy confines of Camp Grand Hyatt for Lihue about 2PM.  This turned out to be the time everyone else on Kauai decided to go to Lihue.  My timing treated me to a traffic jam on an island with 58,000 people.  sigh.

At Borders (the concierge told me there were no independent bookstores.  sigh again.) I bought a few gifts and picked up Alan Watts, The Watercourse Way, a book reccommended by my teacher, Jihian Hang.  Then over to Long’s, a drugstore which carries almost everything a guy could ever need plus drugs.

Flip-flops, a mailing box, bubble wrap, People for Kate and some spray-on sun block.  Back in the car.  Again, everybody that had headed to Lihue now turned around and left along with me.  Second traffic jam.   The scenery, though, more than compensates.  Cook pines, old eroded mountains covered in green, Eucalyptus trees, an old sugar cane warehouse with rusted I-beams.  An American flag flying in the middle of a pasture on a tall pole.

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