Black Sticky Rice

9:23PM.  Night.  Clear sky.  Orion stands over the back of da fish shack.

Saw a mule with an egret on its back.  So.  I looked it up.  Cattle egrets pick parasites off the backs of cattle and apparently some egrets do the same with horses.  These are not cattle egrets, but, then again, these weren’t cattle.  Found a picture on an Austrailian website with egrets on feral horses.  Whatta ya know.  Balance.

Tomorrow is the Hanalei farmer’s market so I’m going to take in the farmer’s market and the Lumiha gardens on the same trip. 

The shells I found were tiny, but I saw another Nihau shell lei today and these shells aren’t the same kind.  Still, we can do something with them and I’ll get more of them on Wednesday.

Had long noodle soup, summer rolls and black sticky rice for supper.  The black sticky rice was yummy and I found a recipe.  It is a black rice made with coconut milk and tapioca.  It’s tasty.