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Summer                                                                           Moon of the Summer Solstice

Garage and shed
Garage and shed

Timberline Painting will clean, then seal, the garage and shed wood siding in a couple of weeks. Both decks, too. Plus some interior painting that will finish up the kitchen. Projects remaining have begun to dwindle. A bathroom remodel and getting our sound system better organized will put us almost to the end. For now.

Kevin, owner of Timberline, has also begun taking our fire mitigation logs. He may clean up the back. Glad Kate asked him if he wanted it. When he was over yesterday, we talked about the mountain summer. “We had frost four weeks ago and we’ll have it again in nine weeks. Our summers are short up here, but wonderful,” he said.

He’s right. When we had eighties last week, Denver was in the low hundreds. And Phoenix. Well, if one city could be the major metropolis of hell, it would be Phoenix. 120 degrees! Also, the humidity here is low, so we cool down quickly at night and the heat is not so oppressive as equivalent temperatures in the humid east.

Kate and I are going to work on the garage today. I moved everything into the center last week, leaving the walls bare. Kate’s idea. It makes rejiggering the locations of various things much simpler. We’ll put my old ikea shelving up along the eastern wall, then I’ll move all my journals onto it. I moved them down from the loft last fall because I just didn’t have enough space for them. We’ll also finally get all of our tools out and organized, tables set up and the floors cleared off. Jon’s going to use one bay for boxes. Having four garage bays is a real luxury occasioned by the size of the loft which the former owner built to house his construction estimate business.



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