Samhain                                       Waning Wolf Moon

The anticipation of a snow storm, especially the first one of the season, still generates wonder.  A force of nature moves slowly toward us, we know it will transform our world, change it to some extent beyond recognition, yet it feels benign, unlike the hook echoes, derechos and tornadoes of summer thunderstorms.

12809goesThe storm continues to lift toward the north.  According to NOAA it will reach us here in the northern suburbs around noon, perhaps a bit later.

(The GOES shot currently posted on the NOAA website.)

While reading Paul Douglas on this storm, I learned a new word, bombogenesis–a low that drops its central pressure by 24mb or more in a 24hr period, essentially 1mb per hour for 24 hours.  Why does this matter?  It intensifies the winds in a storm and is more typical, again according to Paul Douglas, of  Nor’easters.  The air rushes in toward the suddenly lower pressure in the middle of the storm.

I have to put up my Just Needs Snow sign and my snow depth gauge, then head out to Costco.  Oh, boy.